Emission reduction

Living in an environment with clean air is essential for human beings. However since the Industrial Revolution clean air has become more and more restricted to areas with no or few population. In our industrialized world, many factories and power plants emit air of questionable quality. Our ways of transporting are no better, since cars and trucks contribute to a large extent the pollution in our cities. More and more, emissions from other means of transport, like shipping and railway cars, are being scrutinized. Not only emissions of the transport means themselves, but also from their cargoes are being studied and measured.

This situation has become worse and worse, reason for the European union to set rules for diminshing the emission of hazardous and odourific substances into the environment. Starting from the 70s of the last century, these rules have been transformed into national law for each of EU’s countries.

Not only has Europe set rules for reduction of emission, Europe also has set rules for monitoring and improving the measures to be taken. This has resulted in the obligation, that the best available techniques have to be used.

For emissions of VOCs and many other chemical substances, HVR has developed a reduction technique, called MicroGasWash®.