MicroGasWash® is a new technology specifically designed to treat impure and odour emissions driven by both changes in legislation to reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions or other volatile compound emissions and industrial requirements to reduce odorous emissions caused by sulphur, nitrogen, aldehyde or fatty acid based compounds.

MicroGasWash® technology offers an effective and economic solution to tackle emission problems that can still be a potential cause of difficulty despite existing precautions.

This diagram represents a production flow chart for a facility equipped with MicroGasWash® technology and the ability to recover and recycle / dispose of the resulting hazardous compounds. It is possible to control the process using simple solutions up to computer controlled processes with real time hazardous concentration analysis.  



MGW proces

Thanks to excellent cooperation between our technicians and the Chemical Science Department at Twente University in the Netherlands, we have succesfully developed a reaction medium that has become the corner stone of MicroGasWash® technology - FF-AR.