Advanced systems

For stable chemical processes, the output of emissions is optimized in the laboratory of one of the cooperating universities / institutes.

In case of varying chemical processes, however, the results are not always predictable. MicroGasWash® systems can be combined with advanced control systems, which measure the real-time results of the cleaning processes.
Therefore the purification process can be readjusted automatically to meet the rquirements. During this automatic process, the quantity of injected fluid is optimized to adapt to the changing conditions.


Advanced system

MicroGasWash® systems can provide solutions to complex chemical processes with sophisticated controlsystems. The system can recognize different technical or process failures. Consequently, alarm signals can be generated to notify related departments to ensure consistent results. The alarm signals can be sent via computer network, or via GSM.

It is possible to log inlet conditions and emissions, if the customer prefers to know these real time. This information can be monitored off-site.